HOT: The Black Toro – Glen Waverly

YUM! A beautiful mix of Mexican and modern Australia flavours is what you’ll find at the gem ”The Black Toro” in the heart of Glen . Opened recently in July 2012, this month marks its one year anniversary and it seems to be a continuing success with the locals!

The Black Toro has two sittings:
5.30pm – 8.00pm
8.00pm – late

We made a 6.00pm booking and the waitress reminded us when we arrived that we had to leave by the 8.00pm cross-over.
At 6.00pm, there were only two couples within the place but it soon quickly filled up.
The atmosphere and setting was relaxing and great. Lots of couples taking their loved ones out for a treat.

Since only two of us have been here before, we decided on the $45 set menu (without dessert). We asked our waiter what this consisted of, he said it was whatever the chef comes up with.


Grilled corn on the cob with chipotle mayonnaise & toasted masa (2pcs) – $9

I must say, these are a MUST when you go to any mexican restaurant like The Black Toro or Mamasitas. Delicious, the dressing, cheese and the squirt of the lime OMG this was to die for. Love, love, love this.

CroquettesPotato and chorizo croquette with manchego foam - $8 for one

These were lovely croquettes with manchego foam, they were surprisingly filling. Inside was a smooth potato puree with tiny chorizo pieces. Nothing too special though, but worth a bite.

Beetroot SaladPickled beetroot salad, whipped goats cheese, puffed quinoa & caperberries – $18

This was a lovely mixture of colours and flavours. However, the beetroot salad did not a certain zing to it maybe because of the lack of dressing. The goats cheese lacked flavour, many of us thought it was just mayonnaise. It was a nice complementary dish with our other upcoming dishes, but honestly nothing special.

Spicy pulled pork taco, shredded cabbage & sour cream (2pcs) – $12

Nothing says Mexican, more than Tacos Tacos! These were wonderfully crafted soft tacos with a mix of must have toppings. The pulled pork were deliciously marinated, tender and with the crunch of the cabbage and the squirt of the lime made it a pleasure to dig our hands into.

corn truffle
Mushroom sope with corn truffle, chive & ricotta salata (2pcs) – $12

These were cute corn truffle bases with mushrooms and ricotta salata which is a type of cheese. By the time we got to these, most of us were feeling quite full, but not satisfied (if that makes sense? haha). The mushrooms and cheese were a great combination but the corn truffle was a bit overwhelming after a while. It reminded me of buying pastry cups at Coles and filling it up with stuffing, so it wasn’t something I would have ordered.

Wagyu Burgers
Wagyu beef slider with toasted brioche, pickled cucumber, cheese and ancho ketchup (2pcs) – $14

These are a MUST-have when coming to The Black Toro. These were very cute but delicious little burgers/sliders jam-packed with succulent juices and flavours. They were a tad oily at the bases so watch the fingers, mostly because we ate them with our hands, whilst others ate it with a knife and fork. These were probably my favourite with the pork tacos, hella scrumptious.

Roasted whole chicken, mole poblano, charred lime, achiote rice – $40

The sauce was the most unique part of this dish. It was a mole poblano sauce which is a type of mexican sauce that consists of chocolate, nuts, onions and more. It had such a smooth and unique flavour that complemented the chicken greatly. Who would have thought, chocolate and chicken? Haha. It was a lovely dish, by this time our tummys were bulging out.

curry puffsCheesy Puff Pastries (Not on the menu) – 2/5

These were okay cheesy puffy pastries, definitely something to fill you up if the whole list of food we went through didn’t. They had a soft filling that was not overpowering and the crunch of the pastry had a lovely texture.

The Low-Down

Overall, it was a fantastic Modern Mexican Restaurant with a lovely atmosphere and clean surroundings. The set menu $45 was a definite favourite between all of us, due to the price, fun, flavours and variety. It was definitely gave a big bang for our buck. The food service was quick, we had a wonderful waiter who catered to all our needs and the sofa-type seats were a pleasure eat and relax in. Great place to take your date or have dinner with a group of friends!

Molly’s MUST-HAVES: Grilled Corn on Cob, Wagyu Beef Sliders and Pulled Pork Tacos | Get the Set Menu! $45
Rating: 16/20
Price: $$$
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