HOT: Sushi Hotaru, Melbourne CBD

This is the BEST sushi train place in Melbourne that I have ever been to, and I’m not afraid to say it! Sushi Hotaru presents decadent fresh flavours with a creative edge in each of their dishes. The fresh food, quality, flavour and not the mention, the PRICE is definitely value for money at $3 a plate and $7.90 for gold plates. As well as affordable prices for their side dishes e.g. udon noodles. The variety is spectacular with dishes that are able to be ordered on their iPad system or picked off the sushi train.

This place has got me craving and crawling back every week (I visit this place frequent this place just a little often, at least once a week :P )!

The service is mediocre and could be better,  not as good as Sakura Kaiten on Collins St. Today I went there with a group of 4 and they were able to separate our bills (as they always do), but the cashier seemed to be in a grumpy mood and was not open to resolve this issue. She wanted us to pay for the my friends table and wanted them to pay for our table. Weird, I know. So we resolved it by simply swapping our numbers, but she surely did not deal with it well. Enough about that, here comes the pictures and BONUS videos!

Sushi hotaru
Sushi hotaruSushi hotaruSushi hotaruIMG_5473The Low Down
Molly’s Must-haves: 
Salmon box, Soft Shell Crab Sushi, Octopus Balls
Price: $
Would I go again? I already go here once a week!
Rate: 16/20
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