HOT: Cacao Green, Melbourne CBD

Finally a frozen yogurt that not only tastes nice, but is an healthy alternative to icecream! Cacao green is one of the best frozen yogurt places I’ve encountered so far, with their flavours and wide variety of toppings (80 cents each). Once you come here you’d never go back to other froyo places!

Cacao green sizes come in junior, regular and large, with flavours such as original, mango, chocolate hazelnut and other varieties depending on the season. They also now have sweet and savory waffles, coffee, tea, parfait, smoothies and heaps of other cool stuff for winter. You can also try out the flavours before buy, just ask and they’d give you a little cup of froyo to try!

Cheesecake with FROYO, how can you say no to that? :)



frozen yogurt
Large Original Frozen Yogurt with Double Cheesecake and Strawberries – $10

Refreshing and delicious. Original with two sets of cheesecake and strawberry is the perfect complement for anyone who loves something sweet and light. I always have this with someone so it’s a great plate to share, try and have within the store to have it served on a pretty plate and you usually get more froyo too ;) compared to the takeaway cups.


Large Original Frozen Yogurt with Double Cheesecake and Strawberries – $10
Large Mango Frozen Yogurt with Mango Popping and Strawberries – $10

Shows how I love my original! Tried out the mango recently, its a lovely flavour that is not too sweet but just the right amount. It was a nice change to try out as they no longer have mango pieces (probably because it isn’t mango season anymore). I got these both for $10 all up with my Entertainment Book voucher (Buy 1 get 1 free), totally worth it! Used both of the Cacao green vouchers already.


Large Original Frozen Yogurt with Double Cheesecake – $10

Now, this is tallest froyo I’ve bought from Cacao! Lucky me as they usually give half the amount shown here. I had a massive brain freeze going through this mind you :P

The Low Down

Cacao Green, as I mentioned is one of the BEST frozen yogurt places I’ve tasted. It doesn’t have that sour taste that other places have (e.g Igloo Zoo Chadstone), but has a lovely taste put in Cacao’s words “sweet, tangy and refreshing” which I definitely agree with. Their variety of flavours, waffles and other complements are a force to be reckoned with, and I keep coming back for it time after time!

Rate: 15/20
Molly’s Must-Haves: Original with cheesecake and strawberries (To Have In, not take-away)
Price: $

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