HOT: Burwood Teppanyaki, Burwood East

This place is lovely! The interior and decor is so clean and inviting, but the portions are tiny.
My first Teppanyaki experience so I was super excited. I booked the night before for a 8.00pm session and they replied straight away via SMS to confirm.

They have two sides to this restaurant, the teppankyaki side and la crate menu side. We opted for the teppankyaki side because its their specialty.

We got the Set Menu which had:

Shiro Miso Soup with Baby Spinach & Tofu
Tobiko Garden Salad with Kaiso Seaweed
California Roll
200-250g Grilled Lobster Tail with Wasabi & Cream (share between two)
100g Atlantic Salmon Fillet
80-100g Chicken Thigh Fillet
Lamb Cutlet (1pc)
80-100g Australian Wagyu Beef Sirloin
Mixed Vegetables
Garlic Fried Rice
Finish with sweet Green Tea Ice Cream


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The place was really inviting, lots of black and red. The teppankyaki chefs were also dressed in these colours and watching the entertainment from other tables when we sat down was wonderful !

IMG_5529[1]Shiro Miso Soup with Baby Spinach & Tofu
Tobiko Garden Salad with Kaiso Seaweed
California Roll

These starters were delightful! The miso soup was nice and warm with pieces of tofu. The salad had a mixture of normal salad and seaweed salad, it was a delicious mix. The california rolls were a great starting piece to our meals.


200-250g Grilled Lobster Tail with Wasabi & Cream (share between two)
100g Atlantic Salmon Fillet

Our teppankyaki chef came out and started cooking the lobster and fish. Oh how it smelt delicious!  How awesome does the lobster look! One word of caution, never wear fancy clothes because you’d end up stinking like bbq and most likely with food all over you *spoiler* haha. This was so yummy! It was very entertaining watching our chef cook. But the serves were so tiny, if you’re hungry do not expect to be full by the end of this.


80-100g Chicken Thigh Fillet
Lamb Cutlet (1pc)

The lamb cutlet was so juicy and succulent. There’s nothing like eating food straight from the grill.


FIRE! Our Teppankyaki Chef did a little trick which definitely sent eyes flying towards our table :P IMG_5536[1]

This is a combo of all the foods we ate! As you can see the servings are tiny as expected for teppankyaki places as its’ more the good food and the experience you’re there for! The Wagyu beef was the best out of the meals, it was that melt in your mouth experience cooked to your liking! Our table had a mixture of blue (raw), medium raw and medium. IMG_5537[1]

Now, the fun part. At teppankyaki you play with your food, and I mean that LITERALLY! Our chef stood all the eggs up on the grill and flung them to us with his spatula expecting us to catch it with a bowl. 3/8 people actually caught it! There was cracked eggs on the floors and tables! Us girls were more wary of it landing on our clothes and hair than anything.

Pieces of cooked egg omolette were also flicked from the grill to our mouths, we each had about 3 turns. It was hilarious to watch it hit people’s faces haha!!

The last game the chef threw bowls at us until we had a little tower of about 3. Then he’d fill a bowl with fried rice and throw it at you and expect you to catch it on top of the tower of bowls! Sometimes he would do it backwards or he would do it at a distance depending who it was haha! We all caught it, but it didn’t mean that the fried rice didn’t end up all over us! Those who were having their birthdays there also got special treatment and a nice surprise :) (A rice shower)

The Low Down

This was a really fun experience, definitely a great one in a while experience. I would say it is a great place to bring a group of friends or family, a lot of people were actually having their birthdays there, and you do get extra special treatment if it’s your birthday. The chef was entertaining, interactive and it was an amazing experience! The only place where wasting food, playing with food and getting food thrown at you is fun. But if you’re feeling hungry you won’t feel full when leaving.

Rate: 14/20
Molly’s MUST-HAVE’S: Wagyu beef pieces!
Price: $$$

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